What is the correct approach to illegal refugees attempting to come to Australia?

20 04 2009

1) Open immigration:  No quotas. 

2) Legal process for immigrants.  ie: No illegal immigrants – some screening is of course required. 

Customs should exist to ensure immigrants are not dangerous criminals, terrorists etc and that immigrants do not carry serious contagious diseases. 

That is all. 

Rudd has just dropped immigration quotas to Australia.  Once again he is not supporting the proper role of government ie: To protect the rights of citizens to their own lives.  – In all the nauseating media attention illegal immigrants are getting lately, I have not seen one commentator discuss the fact that the Labour government just lowered immigration quotas to Australia. 

I believe objective law should properly be based on individuals and individual rights.  Because that’s what exists in reality.  Societies and races are concepts, individuals are what they are composed of in reality. 

Ideally people should be able to make their own decision about which country would be best for them, and should have the right to immigrate to that country.  Unfortunately no such system exists. 

Update – 4/5/09:

In today’s paper I note that illegal immigrants will now be treated more leniently – they will be invited to have a cup of coffee instead of being detained.  It should be noted that this was a typical newspaper article with little to no relevant facts included.  I certainly hope that there is still a mechanism to detain immigrants carrying infectious diseases and violent criminals.  I suspect there probably is. 

My prediction:  Softening treatment on illegal immigrants does not address our immigration quota issue and will not help the problem.  Immigration should be unlimited. 
I predict a rise in illegal immigration problems and it will be fun to watch the Labour party try to squirm out of them.  (Both the Liberal and Labour party policies are so pathetic that I can’t but help take some small satisfaction when they inevitably fail).

Update 30/3/2010:

The papers are awash with illegal immigration concerns lately.  Boring.  Anyway, commentators such as Andrew Bolt point out that:

Since he [Kevin Rudd, Australia’s current Prime Minister] revealed his “kinder” policies, he’s had to lock up six times the number of asylum seekers, and 53 boat people have been lured to their deaths

So I felt I should post this link to Harry Binswanger’s article “The solution to illegal immigration




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