My Latest LTE – Rudd’s broadband plan

15 04 2009

Our disgusting Prime Minister is bragging about how much tax payer money he will be spending on a new high speed broadband plan. 

It seems that this network will be incredibly costly.  It also seems that by the time it is finished, in 8 years time that it will no longer be high speed. 

Anyhow, this was my letter:

I find it incredibly saddening to think that I live in a society where people believe they are somehow born with a right to receive high speed internet provided by others.  Personally I’m happy simply to have a chance at life and do not wish to wrong my fellow man.  Personally I do not believe I have the right to forcibly take other people’s hard earned money (via taxation) in a mis-guided attempt to benefit myself.  I regard productive people as highly virtuous and admirable.  Those people that do believe they have the right to another man’s property are encouraging irresponsibility, distrust and resent in our community. 



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