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17 03 2009

The most alarming aspect of the financial crisis is the constant claim that we simply need more “confidence”.  This focus is particularly interesting as it is a blatant reversal of cause and effect.  Surely we would like to know, why confidence has dropped?

The confidence focus is popular due to the confusion created by the primacy of consciousness ideology – a common metaphysical position shared by the vast majority of people in the world.  

However this view is a fundamental part of the problem.  To believe in the primacy of consciousness over existence (in its many varied forms such as religions, or collective society at large) implies that some consciousness has the power to change reality.  If we all just believe in our financial systems, then we won’t have a problem!  This is total rubbish.  Reality is reality and the reason people do not have confidence in the financial system is because the system itself is a mess of government meddling and regulation.  Since the inception of government central banks around the world and the disastrous move to abandon the gold standard, financial turmoil has reigned with the all too familiar boom and bust cycle.  To think that demonstrably false Keynesian economics still dominates in political spheres is unbelievable.  

But the problem isn’t political.  Politicians are simply the bits floating on top of the septic tank of ignorance.  There are fundamental errors of metaphysics and epistemology in our culture that need correcting before it will be possible to achieve optimal social systems.  History is doomed to repeat with continuing exponential growth in political intrusion, regulation and control of the economic world. 




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