4 03 2009

In a press release supporting the protest, Greenpeace wrote that “coal is the country’s biggest source of global warming pollution” and that “burning coal cuts short at least 24,000 lives in the U.S. annually.”

On a blustery, frigid day, it might be worth noting the government’s own stark numbers: pneumonia kills twice as many each year.

Someone should tell that Greepeace idiot that without coal burning our life expectancy would be around 30 years or so.



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4 03 2009

Umm, irony is that global warming aside, coal is a major source of toxic pollution (sulfur dioxide, mercury, etc)….

Cutting down on it will improve our health.

5 03 2009
Tim R

Con: Mercury and sulphur dioxide
Pro: Having electricity to run the hospitals, medical research, etc.

Yeah I wonder which one wins.

As Ayn Rand pointed out, anyone over the age of 30 should hug the next “ugly” smoke stack they see because without the industrial revolution they’d be dead by now.

5 03 2009
Tim R

I totally disagree that government forced “cutting down” of industry will improve people’s health.
This type of freedom violating control will definitely be destructive to human life.

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