Qaddafi’s one state solution

30 01 2009

Here’s the text of an email I sent to a mate today explaining why I think Iran should be crushed militarily. 

Note that when I use the word “nuke” I don’t necessarily mean it literally – I mean “crush”.  And this was written to a friend who knows I hate religion and rejected it from my life when I was 19.  Like I said, this was an email written very quickly, not a high quality essay.

My email was in response to the opinion piece: Qaddafi’s one state solution.

This is an interesting issue to me because I was much more of a pacifist a few years back.  I have been considering the issue of Islamic terrorism for a few years taking a back seat in discussions and internet debates.  Now, however I have reached an opinion and cannot fault its logic.  But I am by no means an expert in this area . (as opposed to say a debate over the existence of God which I think I have a pretty good handle on and these discussion often bore me silly).
Here’s the email text:

I reckon the best solution is to nuke Iran and I’ll explain why.    

Such a weak enemy that’s causing the world so many problems because the world lets it.  Those backward, superstitious, women hating muslims need to learn how much they suck and how wrong their way of life is – I reckon it’s the only way to stop about 60 years of Muslim aggression and terrorism (albeit weakling aggression) against Jews and these days against people in New York, London, Madrid, Bali etc.    

Totalitarian Islamic states harbor terrorists, they don’t prosecute continued death threats from their religious and political leaders and general populace, and Iran is currently arming Hamas.  Do you think you’d ever see Australians going crazy shooting guns and calling for the death of Danish cartoonists? If you did, you’d see these idiots getting arrested and rightly so.  Death threats must be taken seriously to protect freedom.  Obviously the governments in Islamic countries don’t do their job and obviously don’t give a stuff about human freedom.  When you see 15 year old homosexuals getting hanged you know the culture doesn’t care about freedom.

Hamas even put their rocket launchers amongst civilians Hezzbollah style.  There is video evidence for this on the internet for all to see.  These evil people know what they’re doing and know how to play the media like the soviets did. 

Any act by Israel against Iran would be self defense.  Not a pre-emptive strike as the popular press would like to have you believe.

The west should stop appeasing these pathetic people, letting them nationalize industry built by western companies and blaming themselves for terrorists like stupid guilty Christians.  Religious ideology has been destructive to mankind for thousands of years and the modern Islamic state is the worst of the worst at the moment.  Those muslims will take the world back to the dark ages if their teachings are followed and they’re getting away with it simply because they are so weak and pathetic and arouse sympathy – and they survive parasitically on oil refinery technology that came from the west.  People in the west are too stupid and have too much altruistic and collectivist Christian ethical crap in their heads to see the harmful reality of religious ideology.  But westerners are still clearly better and have the right to self defense even though they are digging their own graves.

 I’m not talking about long extended operations in side countries like Iraq where war is not even declared and the US spends millions and years helping out building infrastructure, spending money on cultural sensitivity training and being good Christians sacrificing US soldiers lives for the sake of building wells.  Giving the Iraqis elections so they can elect Hamas! – treading on eggshells in a desperate attempt to be politically correct.  

Strike the source of the problem brutally and quickly.  Crush Iran.  I think it could work Hiroshoma style.  People respond to overwhelming force.  I think it’s the best way to put a stop to the continued and escalating Islamic motivated violence the world has seen for 60 years or so.  This could stop the children dying. 

 That Libyian dude’s one state solution is a reverse of cause and effect (see below) but it would also practically involve compromise – and compromises almost always ends up badly which is logically obvious and I don’t think I need to explain why.  Israel never fights countries that honour their peace treaties eg/ Egypt at the moment – although Egypt should be attempting to clamp down on arms smuggling.    

What could Islamic culture possibly offer Israel?  Their way of life is more primitive.  Their science is a pathetic joke ruined by religious belief.  They don’t have rights for women or gays.  They are so collectivist they will kill their own family members to preserve family “honour”, in some Islamic countries they even circumcise women!  How could Israel possibly benefit from the Islamic way of life?  How could anyone? 

Israel gave back the Gaza strip with extra land.  Then, next day these moron muslims are shooting rockets into Israel.  So much for taking the Christian, altruist, collectivist nice guy approach.  It never works.  You encourage your enemy (who have repeatedly and publically called for your destruction) and are effectively approving their actions.   Israel and the US, need to nuke Iran and crush Islamic totalitarian ideology.  Because people won’t follow an ideology once they realize how impractical and weak it is.  – aka Nazis and Japanese Imperialists. (who were incidentally a stronger enemy). 

The moral and the practical are the same and this is why cultures with better ways of life usually end up with superior military force.  But Christian culture teaches false mind body dichotomies, emotion reason dichotomies etc.

 The author of the article is forgetting that countries like Iran chose to set themselves up as Isalmic law dictatorship countries 50 years ago.  That ideology is the cause of the violence and hatred.  It’s effect is isolation from Jews. 

Eg/ Do Christian people here hate and want to kill Muslim cartoonists? 

The author has reversed cause and effect saying that a line in the sand (isolation) causes the violence. 

But once Islamic ideology relaxes like Christian ideology did during the renaissance, then assimilation will occur naturally.  Trade will dramatically increase etc. 

The freer times the author refers to back in the 1940s existed before Iran became an Islamic law country.    

 The Muslim religion like all religions is evil and bad for individual and general human life.  Unfortunately there are people who actually take their religion seriously.  Thankfully not so much in the west.  And the more we take religion seriously in the west, the more we suffer too.       




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