Interesting developments in climate change debate.

20 01 2009

In today’s Australian I noticed that Nick Xenophon is making noises about the new emissions trading scheme.  Coincidentally, I was just the other day wondering why Xenophon had never jumped on the environmentalist band wagon being the publicity whore and statist that he is.  Well now, predictably, he has gone and done it.  Let’s hope he remains a pesky annoying little mosquito (an apt description considering the parasitical and destructive nature of his desires) and nothing bad comes from this.  Xenophon is truly an enemy of all Australians.   

In other climate related news, the Australian today printed an opinion piece by Robert M. Carter (an adjunct research professor in the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University and the University of Adelaide.  He is a geologist specializing in palaeoclimatology, stratigraphy, marine geology, stratigraphy, and environmental science. Carter is a former Director of Australia’s Secretariat for the Ocean Drilling Program and a Co-Chief Scientist for drilling leg 181)


Interesting reading that talks about a large scale (approx 60 years) El Nino/La Nina type oscillation effect on global temps.  I hadn’t heard of this one and will have to keep an ear out for future devolopments. 

Here’s a quote: “Thus, using several fundamentally different mathematical techniques and many different data sets, seven scientists all forecast that climatic cooling will occur during the first decades of the 21st century. Temperature records confirm that cooling is under way, the length and intensity of which remains unknown.

Yet in spite of this, governments across the world – egged on by irrational, deep Green lobbying – have for years been using their financial muscle and other powers of persuasion to introduce carbon dioxide taxation systems. For example, the federal Labor government recently spent $13.9million on climate change advertising on prime time television and in national newspapers and magazines. ”

Well, I definitely hear Bob on the advertising expenditure.  It is immoral for governments to forcibly seize my tax dollars and then use this money on propaganda.  Not to mention, extremely annoying on my TV.  All Australian governments state and federal are guilty of this blatant destruction of individual human rights (rights which they are employed to protect, not violate). 

There is much less freedom in Australia than the Stockholm syndrome affected masses realise.  Of course, they would need to understand firstly what is freedom (most people cannot define this concept).   And secondly, why freedom is so important to the proper, moral and practical functioning of humanity.

I left this comment after the article in response to the comments of others:

I’m disgusted by the continued use of ad hominem and populist lines of reasoning surrounding climate change debate.  If nothing else it shows our education system is appalling and that people have real trouble thinking rationally. 
Additionally, several commentors seem to not realise that total man-made “greenhouse” gases are 0.28% of total “greenhouse” gases or 5.53% if H2O is ignored (by far the largest greenhouse gas).  Therefore past data is relevant.  All relevent information should be included because empircal evidence is crucial to inductive reasoning and all science. 
Anyway, Australians should be (but are not) opposed to an ETS on a moral basis.  Man is volitional.  This implies the need for action which implies the need for action on the outside world, the environment.  Governments should protect this freedom unless a party is damaging or destructing another’s property (the fruit of that person’s action). 
To penalise an entire industry pre-emptively is a costly destruction of freedom and is immoral because these measures are destructive to human life.




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