Obama is Deeply Religious

11 12 2008

The above title speaks for itself.  Anyone who’s followed the US elections at all knows how deeply religious Obama is.  His past affiliations with dodgy pastors.  His religious language.  His religious-type ethics of self sacrifice and servitude. 

However I know a lot of atheists (albeit leftist atheists) supporting this guy who probably haven’t considered the negative effects of Obama’s religious devotion.  – Yet another US president who claims to talk to God (as publicly stated by Bush)

I’d agree that the Democrats are less religiously motivated than the Republicans who obviously have no respect for the separation of church and state. 

However religion belief in the supernatural is a massive threat to western culture.  It is the antithesis of reason because faith by necissity takes prominence in a person’s intellectual faculties – Even those who deny this fact have decided to only use reason when it suits them.  ie: Reason is not their primary cognitive device because they filter their information inputs before applying reason.  Religion also promotes harmful and impossible to achieve ethical theories of sacrifice.  It is anti-man and anti achievment (there are many bible stories from the Christian religion I can quote supporting this assertion, but all religions are similar in this regard).  By accepting a higher supernatural authority into your life you have inherently reduced the status of yourself and mankind.  And finally lets not forget religion’s more obvious faults of being sexist, racist, promoting the use of initiary force in politics and religion’s anti-science agenda. 

It will be interesting to see the religious based motivations of Obama made plain for all to see (who care to see it) as his presidency commences.  

And I for one will be pointing this out this evil to people I know.  Afterall, in this age of stupefication due to poor education and confused ideology, people will probably need to be spoon fed this info.



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