Taleban threaten to blow up girls’ schools if they refuse to close.

29 12 2008


“Female education is against Islamic teachings and spreads vulgarity in society”

This article follows one I happened upon a couple of months ago.  In Afghanistan, a teacher was blinded with acid and school girls had acid thrown on them.  I think it was because some weren’t wearing their burkas.  Anyway, this news story is easily located with a quick google search. 


Confused, Destructive, Contradictory and Primitive

24 12 2008

Just some of the words I’d use to describe Religious ideology. 

Religion: A primitive version of philosophy based on arbitrary claims of the supernatural characterised by a rejection of reason and man’s mind as the ultimate guide to morality and survival, and also characterised by an adoption of faith, dogma and seemingly idiotic traditions.  Religious devotees can be sometimes be spotted in our comunity afflicted with personality disorders characterised by symptoms of guilt, fear, low self esteem and paranoia. 

I came across an short article today entitled “Pope wants humanity saved from Homosexuals”.  


When I was a kid, I thought the 21st century was going to be wonderful, advanced etc, like the Jetsons.  But I was wrong because now I know just how much human potential is been missed out on.  Progress has slowed to a crawl.  As a research scientist I see first hand how incredibly regulated and stifled the research industry is.  Gone are the scientific and medical leaps of the late 19th century.  Now science is almost monopolised by governments.  Universities are inefficient and stagnant (new or controversial ideas don’t get a chance when government’s control the money for research).    

When I was a kid I had a very open mind.  I also totally respected adults.  I was wrong to show so much respect for so many cowards and sheep.  It’s hard not to be resentful about this sometimes.  It’s hard not to get frustrated when you hear people mindlessly slinging off catch phrases they’ve absorbed at random through popular culture – with no idea what half of the concepts they use actually mean. 

I am starting to worry about the future of this world.  I’m starting to think it’s actually true that we’re like the Roman Empire riding on the back of Greek thinking but slowly falling to the barbarians. 

I have noticed that my letters to the editor with a pragmatic or utilitarian line of argument usually get published, but that if I write a letter where I tie political issues back to ethical or metaphysical principles they will not get printed.  We live in an age where philosophy is rejected and scorned.  However the reality is that every single person has their own ideology/philosophy.  They may not know it explicitly, but it’s a human necessity.  Ideas are absorbed from the culture, family, school, media. 

Unfortunately people do not seek to iron out contradictions in their thinking.  They are taught mind-body dichotomies are inherent, that reality cannot be known, that conciousness proceeds existence etc.

Ayn Rand’s “The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution”

17 12 2008

Thoroughly enjoying this book and it’s many insights.  I’d recommend it especially to those who are familiar with some general aspects of objectivism.  Those who like what they’ve discovered about objectivism but are still newbies, like myself. 

Her insights into the anarchistic and anti-intellectual nature of the hippie movement in the late 60s in the US are absolutely brilliant.   Ayn Rand discusses how the common hippie ideology is a cowardly conformity to the cultural ideology at the time – emotionalist, anti reason post modernist influences resulting in nihilist tendancies. 

This rang true to me from my experiences of student politicians at university.  The best word to describe these people is conformists.  Conformists to an outdated and obviously illogical ideology that their parents also conformed to.  It’s pathetic really and it displays an inability to think about issues on a broader scale. 

Rand exposes the student “rebels” continued use of force (in the name of freedom and love) on university property that they of course do not own – and Rand exposes their dishonest methods of propagandising. 

The chapter, the “inexplicable personal alchemy” is particularly touching discussing the plight of actual student rebels (as opposed to the cowardly, ideologically conformed “rebels” in the US at the time of writing) in Soviet Russia who recieved jail time or exile for peaceful protest.  Upon sentencing one of these protestors quietly states “For three minutes on Red Square I felt free. I am glad to take your three years for that”. 

Also, I love the chapter, “The Comprachicos” discussing the failings of progressive education theories.  Here’s a quick quote from that capter that struck me last night while reading:

“The thinking child …….. when he develops his first values and conscious convictions …….. feels an intense desire to share them with a friend …….. if frustrated he feels an acute sense of loneliness……..  The emotion that drives conformists to “belong”, is not loneliness, but fear – the fear of intellectual independence and responsibility.  The thinking child seeks equals; the conformist seeks protectors.”


11 12 2008


Obama is Deeply Religious

11 12 2008

The above title speaks for itself.  Anyone who’s followed the US elections at all knows how deeply religious Obama is.  His past affiliations with dodgy pastors.  His religious language.  His religious-type ethics of self sacrifice and servitude. 

However I know a lot of atheists (albeit leftist atheists) supporting this guy who probably haven’t considered the negative effects of Obama’s religious devotion.  – Yet another US president who claims to talk to God (as publicly stated by Bush)

I’d agree that the Democrats are less religiously motivated than the Republicans who obviously have no respect for the separation of church and state. 

However religion belief in the supernatural is a massive threat to western culture.  It is the antithesis of reason because faith by necissity takes prominence in a person’s intellectual faculties – Even those who deny this fact have decided to only use reason when it suits them.  ie: Reason is not their primary cognitive device because they filter their information inputs before applying reason.  Religion also promotes harmful and impossible to achieve ethical theories of sacrifice.  It is anti-man and anti achievment (there are many bible stories from the Christian religion I can quote supporting this assertion, but all religions are similar in this regard).  By accepting a higher supernatural authority into your life you have inherently reduced the status of yourself and mankind.  And finally lets not forget religion’s more obvious faults of being sexist, racist, promoting the use of initiary force in politics and religion’s anti-science agenda. 

It will be interesting to see the religious based motivations of Obama made plain for all to see (who care to see it) as his presidency commences.  

And I for one will be pointing this out this evil to people I know.  Afterall, in this age of stupefication due to poor education and confused ideology, people will probably need to be spoon fed this info.