The truth starts to come out about Rudd’s “no cost” carbon trading scheme

13 11 2008,28124,24643942-5018023,00.html

I think that often it’s a primacy of conciousness mentality that believes you can change reality through legislation – without respecting Francis Bacon’s famous line “Nature to be commanded must be obeyed”. 

There’s no way a carbon trading scheme forcing people to pay for something of no value can ever have positive effects.  These schemes will always make you and I suffer in terms of our potential quality of life.  Changes to the laws of nature and reality are impossible. 

Another environmental example is bioethanol.  Bioethanol production in the US currently relies on government subsidies.  It takes more energy to produce bioethanol than you get from using it as a fuel.  With current technology, this fuel can never have overall positive consequences for society.  It is impossible by the laws of nature. 

Existence exists.  And existence has primacy over conciousness. 

Incidentally, I have read an environmentalist’s blog response to this article and I am shocked at how little understanding the author had of business value creation.  Not to mention having to wade through mountains of weasel words and ad hominem arguments.  I even spotted ad hominem arguments based on false premises.  Unbelievable to think these arguments are so important to this commentator that he was willing to lie in order to achieve a fairly insignificant argument!  I think this is another indicator of a decline in thinking ability and standards of logic within our society – probably due to state education. 

What is it with the ad hominem argument these days?  They’re especially prominent in the climate change debate.