South Australian destroyers of freedom – Xenophon and Atkinson

28 10 2008

It’s no surprise to me, the MP Nick Xenophon has shown support for the recent internet censorship bill.   

Xenophon is the lowest of the low IMO. 
He is an extreme statist as represented by his No pokies platform.  He’s a media whore who seems to have sucked in a large amount of nanny stater public in SA in particular.  He used to be forever having his picture taken by the Advertiser newspaper – far more than any other politician – until he decided (like a power luster) to move to federal politics.  Now he probably doesn’t give a rats arse about small fry South Australian newspapers – at least this has done my blood pressure good.

Unfortunately South Australia’s other claim to censorship support is attorney general Michael Atkinson – he’s the reason 18+ video games are banned in the whole of Australia.  His vote was the decider on this issue at the latest legislative review.

It’s quite depressing to think the people who should be respected protectors of our freedoms, are in actuality simultaneously destroying our freedoms and abdicating on their job responsibilities. 

IMO Xenophon and Atkinson are immoral and harmful people.   The practical consequences of these two include: wasting tax payer’s money, potentially creating a black market economies, violating the rights of honest businessmen, using up valuable police resources and most likely increasing levels of irresponsibility in the general populace.   

It’ll be a great day when they lose their jobs (I hold little hope for them redeeming themselves), and I and everyone in Australia will be better off for it.



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