More Religious Ha Ha

27 08 2008


Original sin. 

One thing I have wondered for quite a while now:  If we are all inherently evil, then how is it then our fault?  ie: if we have no choice in the matter then we cannot by definition be evil – that would be like calling a lion evil for eating an antelope. 

This quick thought is one example of how Christianity destroys the basis of an objective morality.  ie: If you follow Christian doctrine, you are not by any means necessarily a good moral person.


A picture tells a thousand words

26 08 2008
Free thinker

Free thinker

Compassion is irrelevent to welfare.

25 08 2008

The reason I am writing this post is because by my judgement of western culture, welfare is justified largely by the compassion argument. ie: A society without welfare would be lacking in compassion.

Two recent examples of this line of argument are seen in Kevin Rudd’s address to the CIS and in this Australian newspaper article,25197,24213360-23375,00.html
However I’ve come across many examples and doubt others would be hard to find.

Firstly I wish to quickly state that I think it’s dangerous to apply human emotions to society. Society isn’t a real living thing like a human and is not capable of emotion. Society is a sum of individuals.

By my thinking, there are two seemingly contradictory ways of looking at issue of welfare in regards to compassion:

1) People are generally not compassionate therefore must be forced to give money to those less fortunate. – This seems false to me. The existence of charities provides empirical evidence that people are quite willing to donate to those less fortunate.

2) People are generally highly compassionate to the point that they are willing to be forced into paying welfare. – This argument would logically make the need for force unnecessary and would therefore be an argument against welfare.

However, to be honest I haven’t thought very hard about the above points because as far as I’m concerned the issue of compassion is an irrelevant distraction.
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Priest deceives thousands of believers

22 08 2008

It’s so easy to find examples of religious people doing really stupid stuff. But this Adelaide based priest is particularly dodgy:

Pastor Michael Guglielmucci deliberately lied about being terminally ill with cancer and the lie turned into an absolute whopper:,,24216882-661,00.html

“Earlier this year, Mr Guglielmucci released a hit song, Healer , which was featured on Sydney church Hillsong’s latest album.

The song debuted at No. 2 on the ARIA charts.

It since has become an anthem of faith for believers, many of whom are suffering their own illness and were praying for a miracle for Mr Guglielmucci, who has claimed for two years to be terminally ill.

In one church performance that has attracted 300,000 hits on YouTube, he performs his hit song with an oxygen tube in his nose.”

Chemical Party

22 08 2008

For the scientists out there:

The Australian newspaper’s Emma Tom. A telling example of popular economic thought?

21 08 2008

Emma Tom authors the “wry side” in the Australian. I had the misfortune of reading this segment while munching down my morning tea.
I presume from the name that the “wry side” is supposed to be light hearted or amusing. I doubt Emma has a funny bone in her body.

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Cultural Movements: Creating Change

20 08 2008

I have recently seen the first lecture (of three) entitled Cultural Movements: Creating Change – available at the Ayn Rand Institute’s homepage, about halfway down the page.

Yaron Brook and Onkar Gate discuss the history of cultural change in the US, focusing on the environmentalism, conservative political movement and religion.
These lectures are explicitly discussing how cultures change in their underlying ideologies and attitudes.

If you’re like me, you hope to see significant changes in culture over the course of your life. I would love to see a world where egoist ethics replaced altruistic ethics, where individual human rights theory was taken seriously, where the existence/identity axiom was understood etc.
But what’s the best way to influence others?

From what I’ve seen, these lectures are excellent: