Put an end to government sponsored enterprises.

23 07 2008

For those interested in the US sub prime mortage crises.
An excellent selection of research and commentary on the need to de-regulate and remove the tax-payer “bailing out” option for Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.


In addition: The wall street journal have compiled a list of past articles discussing corruption and legislative based problems with “Fanny Mayhem”.



Excellent free web-book on piano practise.

14 07 2008

This is the best resource I have ever come across regarding piano practising techniques (good resources describing how best to practise are to my knowledge, quite rare). 

It’s not a series of boring technical exercises and it’s not airy fairy new-age musician mumbo jumbo talk.  It discusses learning techniques with a fairly well reasoned scientific approach.  The book offers short cut methods to learning difficult passages and educates readers so they can avoid poor practise techniques that will stall or even reverse their progress. 

These ideas can easily be applied to other instruments. 

Heres’ the link:  http://www.sinerj.org/~loyer/PianoBook/piano-practice-a4-10pt.pdf

Update 13/4/10:

I have just discovered the above link no longer works. 😦

I’m pretty sure this site is the new version of the above material, but I’m going to check:


Axe finally falls on Big Brother (Australia)

14 07 2008



Thank God: The naïve, precocious, boring, artistically ignorant, whiney, low IQ and proud of it, losers on Big Brother will no longer piss me off when I accidentally catch a glimpse of that pathetic show.  

Anyone prepared to live without books, pen and paper, music, movies and sport on top of giving up their personal privacy for several months is by definition a piece of human shit in my opinion, and I think it’s no wonder the show attracted so many losers.  

So I’m stoked that Big Brother has finally been canned and I can have one less thing reminding me how many sad cases there are out there that presumably love mind numbingly boring shows like this.